Under One Roof

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  We employed a few strategies to unify the exterior. The first was simply to unify the use of cladding. The three existing bay windows on the side of the house were all clad with a contrasting siding. Although we often use an accent siding (including on this project!), there were too many of these little "bumps" that truly did not need to be accentuated. The "core" of the house now reads more as one unit, allowing us to use a different cladding material at the edges.
  We then re-shaped the roof of the rear addition, which needed replacing anyway because it leaked badly, and made it a true flat roof, incorporating the two rear bay windows and reaching the line of the flat roof onto the original house far enough to engage the kitchen window, thus nesting the two together in a satisfying way. The horizontal element is repeated in a more subtle way with the pergola marking entry at the front of the house (right), and at the upper level addition.



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