No More Barn

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  This home, like many, was purchased for its location. After many years of living here and raising their children, she had had enough of living in "the ugly barn" also known as "the scary house." Not only was the initial image bothersome to the owner, but the reality was that the front door was very hidden and unwelcoming to guests. Interior desires were primarily for a new master bedroom suite for more privacy as their three children were entering their teen years, as well as more functionality on the inside of the mostly hidden front door.



Lake Jewel   Big-Small
Transplant   The Perch
Little Rooms   Focal Point
Less is More   New Face
House Doubled   Bungalow Garage
Kitchen-Retreat   Reclaimed Corner


Room for More   Cottage Farmhouse
No More Barn   Under One Roof
Contemporary Lodge  


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