Lake Jewel

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  The bathroom is a wonderful example of how the use of even a small detail strategically located can turn a small, functional room, into a jewel in itself. The simple, unprofiled trim band running around the top of the room does a number of different things that greatly impact one's experience of this room. First, it helps to unify the many necessary functional elements of a room like a bathroom - with the window head establishing its height, it runs to the left and becomes a frame for the artwork, and then a definite ending point for the tile of the bathtub. To the right it holds the shelves that help to anchor the toilet, and then becomes the top band of the frame around the mirror (not shown from this view), thus tying in the last element of the room - the sink. Additionally, the definite line of the trim brings the ceiling plane down in a way that does not make the room feel smaller, but actually makes it feel more comfortable as the balance between the proportion of height to width is perceptually more pleasing to the scale of the human body.



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