Lake Jewel

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  One of the delightful parts of designing this house was the programatic inclusion of many little places for individuals or small groups of people to get away while still feeling connected to each other. This delightful little space is a pleasure to be in all on its own, but it also through its very existence serves to enrich the quality of the spaces around it.
  This little space is accessed from the upper level loft/tv area, and you must go past a little slip of the stone-wrapped "chimney" that extends from the fireplace below. Although the main body of the house is entirely rectilinear, the loft opening is turned slightly, and this angle is carried through in the fireplace, and in control joints in the main level polished concrete floor. That slight turn shapes this little space by pinching it down at its entry, and opening up in the corner by the window. We call this the "Sunset Room" as the view to the west over the lake is a perfect place to watch the beauty painted over the lake at the end of each day. As such, the windows are set at a low height tucked under the sloping ceiling, so when you are sitting down, they feel like they were made just for you ... and they were!



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