What We Do

  We provide design services for a broad range of types and scales of residential projects. We have worked with clients to spark their creativity by simply generating ideas of what is possible, to drawing up full construction sets. We enjoy projects that range from re-capturing small unused spaces of your existing house to broader remodelings that transform the way your whole house works. From this scale, we work up to additions that expand the home you already live in, or would love to help you start at the beginning and bring your musings and ideas for a brand new home into full reality.
  In our first meeting with you, we will discuss the scope of the project you envision as well as how we can best align our services to your needs.
  All design work will go through the following standard phases, though we tailor the specifics of each phase to the unique qualities of your project. Clicking on the phases below will give you a more detailed description of each one.

  Schematic Design
  Design Development
  Construction Documents
  Construction Admininstration

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