Who We Are

    We (Andrea and Matt) met at the University of Minnesota during our first quarter of classes, and have been working together ever since. From the beginning, both of us have been interested primarily in the design of homes, which are the spaces where each one of us begins and ends each one of our days, and through which we experience the cycles of our lives. We were married the summer between completing our undergraduate degrees in Architecture and beginning the three year Masterís of Architecture program.
    Upon completing coursework and presenting our award-nominated joint thesis exploring how the scale of our houses affects and is affected by the ways we live within them, Matt began working full time at an award-winning residential design firm and Andrea began the leg-work that would eventually develop into GSquared Residential Design.
    After the birth of our son, we made the decision to work together again, this time from our own home just outside of St Paul, Minnesota. Our home and our family, which now includes four sons and six daughters, are important pieces of our life, and these precious people were a large part of our decision to not pursue licensure as architects, but to focus our energies on the residential scale projects that excite us the most. We know the value of a home that fits your family, and we are looking forward to helping you shape your home for you and your family.

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