The Design Process


  Schematic Design
  The second phase, Schematic Design, begins by working from the background information gathered during the Pre-design phase to develop a handful of schemes that demonstrate different approaches to achieving your project goals. We will develop plans (usually hand-drawn at this point), as well as relevant sketches of the exterior. If we are doing computer modeling for you, we will also prepare a basic massing model of your home that will show how the pieces relate to each other three-dimensionally. We will then meet with you to review these and get your input. Depending on the complexity of your project, we may choose to do another round of schematic revisions based on our conversation to explore any options that may have arisen through conversation at the first meeting. At the end of Schematic Design, we will have the basic proportions and relationships of all the spaces laid out.
  Design Development
  Construction Documents
  Construction Admininstration

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