Cottage Farmhouse

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  The front elevation shows how the use of fieldstone helps to anchor the house to the site. By using more of it at the center of the house, it draws attention to and truly grounds the entry. The large mass of the fireplace strongly suggests the cozy nature of the hearth as well as being almost a sort of obelisk establishing the house in its landscape. From the center, the use of stone tapers down gradually — to the left/east, it sits right under the three windows in the kitchen and pantry, then stepping down further at the mud room. To the right/west, it provides the lower base for the larger windows in the living room, and then circles the smoking porch, rising just slightly at the corner posts.
  The assymmetrical, yet balanced facade allows a unique front door to be the centerpiece, which adds a touch of whimsy to the outdoor room of the front steps that is created by the generous stoop, the wall of the fireplace, and the lowered roof edge.



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