Room for More

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  There comes a time when a perfectly lovely, extremely adaptable, and very special house with a family history going back nearly 75 years, on land with family history back over one hundred years, is ready for some more. As our own family is growing in many directions, and our tie to our home (working from home, schooling our children from home, offering hospitality in our home) is increasing, we are taking the plunge and designing and building an addition to our own home to make Room for More. The model image above shows our existing house on the right, and the addition on the left. We are seeking to keep the original house completely intact and distinct from the addition, and yet tie the two together at a variety of levels - scale, window type, colors, trim details, roof pitch, as well as a few surprising touches to give it some spark of its own.



Lake Jewel   Big-Small
Transplant   The Perch
Little Rooms   Focal Point
Less is More   New Face
House Doubled   Bungalow Garage
Kitchen-Retreat   Reclaimed Corner


Room for More   Cottage Farmhouse
No More Barn   Under One Roof
Contemporary Lodge  


Competition   Competition