Room for More

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  This view of the model shows the office (dark brown) and the stair element (vertical siding). We are very much looking forward to having an office - the space itself will be very small - room for one person to work and another to go over things when necessary, but the location of the office entry at the half-landing of the stair makes it not only feel like it's separate from the house in a way, but also makes the smaller part of the living room very accessible up a half flight of stairs, for when we want to be able to spread drawings out with clients - a much nicer space for doing so than in our old "cozy" kitchen, where many of these projects have been presented!
  By bumping the stair outside of the main body of the addition, we are able to provide ample light and view through windows, making the landings into small rooms of their own. The lower landing doubles as the entry for the office (as well as a semi-private entry for times when the upper rooms are used as a private suite), while the upper landing has room for a bench - either a quiet place to read, or a place to rest your legs on your way up to the bedrooms.



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